Hello. I am a 21 year old girl with aspergers, just trying to navigate the world. Okay, not a "girl" at heart either; I'll get back to you on what gender I am. (However, you can feel free to use female pronouns to describe me). Things I love include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Disney's Frozen, animals especially wolves, cats, and rodents, I love tattoos and body modification, and music and writing.

On my other blog (http://furrsonalitypets.tumblr.com/) I exclusively write about my pets (mostly rats) and post pics of them.

Here, I often reblog things that catch my eye and which I enjoy. I also post "Asperger's Hell", about difficulties of living with autism, and occasionally I post pics of myself and more often my tattoos and my pets! I have cats, a dog, four rats, and two ferrets. They're all very well taken care of, as taking care of my pets is what I do with quite a bit of my day.

Writing and music are my passions that I hope will one day be my careers.

If I have shared something on my site that belongs to you and you want it taken down, please nicely ask me and I will. However, what I usually directly post is my own work/words, and the things owned by other people are usually reblogged so if I've reblogged something of yours -- it's best you go to the source, the person who posted it in the first place. :-)


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